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Sigung David Hackett

Kitchener Kicks Head Instructor

Sigung David Hackett began his Martial Arts career in 1985 at the Scarlet Dragon Society in Kitchener, Ontario.  The name was eventually changed to Ron Day’s Kitchener Kicks by founder Master Ron Day and he has been a loyal student and instructor ever since.  Twenty three years later, Master Day passed the torch to Sigung Dave who became his successor and today he is the Owner and Head Instructor of Kitchener Kicks Martial Arts Centre.

Sigung Dave holds a 5th Degree Black in Shaolin Kung Fu from the Canadian Karate Kung Fu Association (CKKA).  Along with Master Day, he was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

An outstanding fact about Sigung Dave is that he was considered by many to be an unlikely candidate for the martial arts.  In 1974 at the age of 16, Dave lost his right leg below the knee in an industrial accident.  Being an avid skier, and completely undeterred by his newly adopted disability, Dave returned to skiing the next year, eventually qualifying for the Canadian National Disabled Ski Team.

Sigung Dave always had a burning passion for the martial arts, even as a youngster, but had abandoned the idea when he lost his leg.  In early 1985 while browsing the Yellow Pages looking for a local gym, he noticed a few martial arts clubs listed under the fitness heading.  He finally decided to follow his instincts and began to visit the various clubs that were listed; a decision that changed his life.

Most clubs gave him a cool reception, commenting that he could seriously injure himself or another student.  That perception changed the moment he entered Master Day’s academy.  His response to Dave’s disability was the opposite of all the other clubs. He told Dave that he would be limited only by the limitations he placed upon himself.

Sigung Dave has competed in, and won, many national and international martial arts championships and he has taught numerous seminars to a wide range of audiences and outreach groups.  Sigung Dave continues to actively train, teach, and carry on Master Ron Day’s legacy.  He is an inspiration to all who know him.

Sigung Dave has been a resident of Waterloo region since 1968 and, aside from his martial arts interests, is a very accomplished skier.  He has competed on the Canadian National Team, and was head coach and program director for the Ontario Disabled Ski Team for 12 years.  He is also a volunteer firefighter in his home town of Maryhill.

Sibok Gee.

Sibok Gee has been a Black Belt since 1980.

With over 30 years as a Martial Artist, Sibok Gee Wong brings a wealth of experience to the Kung Fu and Aikido programs. A Black Belt since 1980, Sibok Gee oversees the teachings of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and practical Aikido self defense techniques and practices.

Sibok Larry.

Sibok Larry has been a Black Belt since 1985.

Sibok Larry Good has been practicing the Martial Arts since 1979. A Black Belt since 1985, Sibok Larry is one of very few Martial Artists in the region with over 30 years of experience under his Black Belt. Along with his expertise in Shaolin Kung Fu, Sibok Larry has also studied Seven Star Preying Mantis Kung Fu.

Sibok Yara

Sibok Yara Ruban has been a Martial Artist since 1980, achieving his Black Belt in 1989. In addition to Shaolin Kung Fu, Sibok Yara has also studied Shito-Ryu Karate, and Seven Star Preying Mantis Kung Fu. He especially enjoys teaching beginners and children.

Sibok Yara also enjoys swimming, camping, and target shooting.

Sensei Dave

Sensei Joanne

A Martial Artist since 1973, and a Black Belt since 1983, Sensei Joanne Van Deursen has trained in Aikido and Karate. Sensei Joanne is also a police officer with the Region of Waterloo, and has conducted numerous courses in women’s self defence.

Sensei Ken

Sensei Ken started his Martial Arts career in 1983 studying Hung Gar Kung Fu at the age of 13.


With diminishing vision, Ken also trained in Shaolin Kung Fu, Aikido, and Jiu Jitsu before settling into training in Shotokan Karate. After losing his vision and becoming completely blind, he achieved the rank of Black Belt in 2011.


Sensei Ken specializes in teaching children, and heads up the Dragon Hearts program for the physically disabled at Kitchener Kicks.


He is also a Registered Massage Therapist, and a former member of the Ontario Disabled Ski Team. Sensei Ken attributes his many successes in life, and coping with his disability, to the lifestyle and constant challenges the Martial Arts has given him over the years.

Sensei Marian

Sensei Marian Draghici has been involved in the Martial Arts since 1979. A Black Belt since 1990, Sensei Marian has an extensive amount of teaching and competition experience as the head of the Karate program at the Kitchener Kicks Martial Arts Centre.

Sensei Pam

Sensei Pamela  started  Iaido and  Jodo in 2007 in the Sei Do Kai at the  University of Guelph under Kim Taylor  Sensei,   and  still practices  there.

Instruction at Sei Do Kai tends to be varied, so in addition to the  Kendo  Federation  Iaido and  Jodo, in which  she  holds  the ranks  of 4th and 3rd dan, respectively,  Sensei Pam   has  also practised Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu  Iaido, Muso Shinto Ryu  Jodo,  and Niten Ichi Ryu  Kenjutsu extensively, and  is  familiar with  several  other sword styles  as well .

In  her  spare time,  Sensei Pam  also  enjoys  mountain biking, rock climbing, reading, sewing,  and games.

Sensei Simon

Sifu Alan

Sifu Alan has been training in Kung-Fu since 1988 and was granted the rank of black belt in 1999. Sifu Alan has been teaching children and adults since 1995, and brings a unique skill set to his students with an enthusiasm for sparring and additional training in Karate, kickboxing, and grappling.

Sifu Christine

Sifu Christine started Kung Fu in 2000, achieving her Black Belt in 2011.  She has competed in both a regional and international level.  Sifu Christine enjoys teaching the kids programs as well as March Break & Summer Camps.

Sifu Dave W

Sifu David

Sifu David has been practicing Shaolin Kung Fu since 1986.   He achieved his Black Sash in 1999.  He has some experience in Kickboxing  and Aikido.  Sifu David enjoys teaching the martial arts to beginners and  children.   He is also a certified school teacher.

Sifu Hailey

Sifu Hailey has been a black belt since 2016. She is the granddaughter of the Founder of Kitchener Kicks, Master Ron Day. Hailey now carries on the Day family legacy through teaching and continuing her own training here at Kitchener Kicks.

Sifu Matt

A Martial Artist since 1992, Sifu Matt Lord achieved his Black Belt in 2008. Sifu Matt is a former “Martial Artist of the Year” at Kitchener Kicks. In addition to Shaolin Kung Fu, Sifu Matt has also studied Hung Gar Kung Fu.

Sifu Miro

Sifu Miro started his Martial Arts career in 1987. Having achieved his Black Belt in Kung Fu in 1994, he is an accomplished competitor in Sport Karate tournaments, as well as Full Contact Kickboxing. Sifu Miro has won titles at the Canadian Internationals and the U.S. Open Karate Championships.

Sifu Piper

Sifu Piper has been training in the martial arts since 2008. She has done mostly Shaolin Kung-fu but has also done kickboxing and San Shou. She achieved her black sash in May 2018. Also, she is the captain of the demo team. She was a former ‘Martial Artist of the Year.’ She has also done some training with a Shaolin Monk in Toronto.

Sifu Steve

Sifu Steve Rushmere has been a Martial Artist since 1983, achieving his first Black Belt in Karate in 1991. Sifu Steve also achieved his Kung Fu Black Belt in 1999. Sifu Steve has studied Chito-Ryu, and Kai-Shin Karate, as well as Seven Star Preying Mantis, and Hung Kuen Kung Fu. A long time member of Team Canada Martial Arts, Sifu Steve has won numerous national and international championships.

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